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“The Days Project” in Tallinn

The Days invites the audience to share an encounter with two exceptional Finnish dancer artists Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen. At their invite, English choreographer and designer Theo Clinkard has conceived a work that asks them to become co-authors through a practice that has to be written anew at every performance. The collaboration...

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CAPE Network meeting in Riga May 9th-13th.

Tallinn University BFM lecturers Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik and master's students in choreography leaded May 9th-13th in Riga through a co-operation project between the Latvian Academy of Culture (LAC) and the TU BFM. Within the framework of the project, students of the Estonian choreography curriculum Aneta Varts, Birgit Orulaid, Sandra Põld and...

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Technical rider for “I was here”

Space for performing: Hall, gallery, museum Adaptable for different spaces (by using possibilities from the space) Needed: Comfortable chairs for audience spread out in the space Duration of performance: 60 minutes Rigging 3 hours Light-design: with local technical possibilities For sound: 3 active-speakers, cables for connection Number of travelers: 7-8 ( 6-7 dancers, 1 technician)...
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Technical Rider for “Trisolde”

Performing space: Blackbox or theatre Stage Gray or white dance floor Stage space for performers min 8x8 Duration of performance: 40 minutes Rigging up 6 hours (level set up - difficult) Taking down 30 min Lighting adaptable for local availability For sound and video please look files (interaction technology): 1. Fine5_Trisolde-Audio_Interactive_Technical_Rider_2019 2. Fine5_Trisolde-VideoRider Number of travelers: 5 (2 dancers, 2 technician, 1 choreographer)...
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Technical Rider for “Generations”

Suitable place for performing: Hall, Studio, Gallery, Black Box, Theatre Very simple set up (level of set up - simple) Preferred surrounding: white, light hall Space size for dancers (area for dancing): minimum 8mx8m Props needed from local host: One sofa (or something like sofa) For stone floors or uneven grounds needed - dance PVC floor, preferred white/light dance PVC...
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Copenhagen June 9-15, NORDPLUS ECA Network Meeting

NORDPLUS ECA Network celebrated 20 years activity with presentation of network e-book in Copenhagen. June 9-15th was held in Danish National School of Performing Arts also intensive workshop about co-operative activities in dance and music. Students from Latvian Academy of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Ohio State University worked together all week with...
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