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Technical rider for “I was here”

Space for performing: Hall, gallery, museum Adaptable for different spaces (by using possibilities from the space) Needed: Comfortable chairs for audience spread out in the space Duration of performance: 60 minutes Rigging 3 hours Light-design: with local technical possibilities For sound: 3 active-speakers, cables for connection Number of travelers: 7-8 ( 6-7 dancers, 1 technician)...
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Technical Rider for “Trisolde”

Performing space: Blackbox or theatre Stage Gray or white dance floor Stage space for performers min 8x8 Duration of performance: 40 minutes Rigging up 6 hours (level set up - difficult) Taking down 30 min Lighting adaptable for local availability For sound and video please look files (interaction technology): 1. Fine5_Trisolde-Audio_Interactive_Technical_Rider_2019 2. Fine5_Trisolde-VideoRider Number of travelers: 5 (2 dancers, 2 technician, 1 choreographer)...
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Technical Rider for “Generations”

Suitable place for performing: Hall, Studio, Gallery, Black Box, Theatre Very simple set up (level of set up - simple) Preferred surrounding: white, light hall Space size for dancers (area for dancing): minimum 8mx8m Props needed from local host: One sofa (or something like sofa) For stone floors or uneven grounds needed - dance PVC floor, preferred white/light dance PVC...
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Copenhagen June 9-15, NORDPLUS ECA Network Meeting

NORDPLUS ECA Network celebrated 20 years activity with presentation of network e-book in Copenhagen. June 9-15th was held in Danish National School of Performing Arts also intensive workshop about co-operative activities in dance and music. Students from Latvian Academy of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Ohio State University worked together all week with...
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