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…and Blue

The dance performance „...and Blue“ is the winner of the Estonian Theatre dance award 2015 Premiered: Nov.6th 2014 as part of Curator- Program at Vaba Lava „This is a story about everybody of us- about rise and fall, victory and loss, loneliness and warmth, that is understandable only for your soul“ L. Tsõganova After creating „..and Red“ for...
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Mandala (2013)

Next performances:
June 4th and 5th, 2013
Tickets: Piletimaailm, and at NO99Theatre
In the frames of the international conference "Out in the open: 20 years of independent dance in the Baltics", Fine5 also celebrated its 20th anniversary. The new piece "Mandala", created for this occasion, is literally a...
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Before I leave, I will say 2011

"Before I leave, I will say“ is the performance for 9 dancers and the Place, where they have worked for a long time. In 2012 Fine5 Dance Theatre will celebrate its 20th anniversary and for 15 years we have had a little home studio in the Old City of Tallinn. Many of Fine 5 DT...
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MaleGame at Gallery-theatre

February 25-27 2010 was premiered at Iida-Gallery (Suur-Karja 2, Tallinn) piece MALEgame. MALEgame is inspired by the Iida Gallery's current premiere exhibition of men's jewelry. The creators were particularly interested in the notion of how men adorn themselves; does the jewelry wear the man or does the man adorn the jewel? Further, how does jewelry both exemplify...
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Performance “NB! Manipulations” 1.-5.06.2008

Performance NB! Manipulations! was premiered at Fine5 Studio (Lai Street 9, Tallin). The project was a part of the „Dance Mill" festival which was held during Tallinn Old Town Days. The performance was viewed only by 20 people a night, and after each performance was held an open discussion. Supporters: the Foundation of the...
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24 hours

24 hours is Tommi Kittis second production to Fine5 Dance Theatre. Tommi Kitti is one of Finlands unconventional persons in contemporarary dance. In a 30-year career as an choreographer and dancers he has developed his own vocabulary of movements. This way of moving is not a development of any other traditional dance technique, it does...
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A bit before tomorrow

Choreographer: Tommi Kitti (Finland) Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Ollesk, Dmitri Kruus, René Nõmmik A movement quality for 4 dancers in silence.   “”A Bit Before Tomorrow” by Finnish choreographer Tommi Kitti shines as a diamond in Fine 5-s respectful repertory.”  “ It is a pure form that can be seen in hundreds of different ways – the best proof...
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