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DEMULTIPLEXIA   As part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the NeuroTheatre Collective was premiered their “Demultiplexia”, a performance linking technology, neuroscience and arts, on 14 September. “Demultiplexia” is an experimental multidisciplinary project wherein the brainwaves of the dancers created a real-time audio-visual product on...
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Symposium Dance Across Borders2017 at Gothenburg

Fine5 dance theatre took part at Dance Across Borders (DAB) international dance symposium, held from August 19th until August 27th 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Estonian dance theatre participated at DAB with their latest work „Beautiful“, choreographers Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik, at 3:e Vaningen on August 21/22. The first Dance Across Borders was held at the...
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Science and art are crossing their ordinary limits

In the frames of „Estonia 100“ we are part of new and very interesting project, where science and art are crossing their ordinary limits and will co-operate together. Aleksander Väljamäe (Human Computer Interaction) is leading the research group of scientists and artists form Estonia, Russia, and Netherlands/Italy. Tiina Ollesk and Simo Kruusement (dancers- co-creators) and...
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“Saraband” at Estonian Drama Theatre

On 19th of February 2017 premiered at Estonian Drama Theatre I.Bergman "Saraband" directed by Peeter Raudsepp. Played by: Kersti Kreismann, Martin Veinmann, Ester Kuntu (quest), Jaan Rekkor, Tiina Ollesk (Fine5). Choreographed by Renee Nõmmik (Fine5). Everything has an end, even childhood. What happens if we start sinking back into childhood to protect ourselves from the cruelty of the world...
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“BEAUTIFUL” Despite the summer being rainy and apples falling down the trees without getting ripe... Despite the bubonic plague being found in melting ice in Siberia... Despite huge crowds of people having lost their homes and migrating, and bombs exploding everywhere... Despite the Genie having escaped the bottle - the world is still a beautiful place. “BEAUTIFUL”...
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The Well-Tempered Clavier


Fine5 Dance Theatres new performance "WTC" is based on J.S.Bach "The Well-Tempered Clavier"

(Book I), written in 1722 "for the profit and use of musical youth desirous of learning, and especially for the pastime of those already skilled in this study". Musicians spend lot of time training their skills...
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…and Blue

The dance performance „...and Blue“ is the winner of the Estonian Theatre dance award 2015 Premiered: Nov.6th 2014 as part of Curator- Program at Vaba Lava „This is a story about everybody of us- about rise and fall, victory and loss, loneliness and warmth, that is understandable only for your soul“ L. Tsõganova After creating „..and Red“ for...
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