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November 7th Fine5 Birthday – at 17.00 Generations, at 19.00 Saraband

On November 7th we celebrate Fine5's Birthday. On this day, we invite you to watch "Generations" at 17.00. The performance takes place in the frame of the festival "Draamamaa.Weekend" and the venue is SAKALA 3 THEATER HOUSE. On November 7 at 19.00 will be another performance with which we are collaborating - Estonian Drama Theater production...
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Copenhagen June 9-15, NORDPLUS ECA Network Meeting

NORDPLUS ECA Network celebrated 20 years activity with presentation of network e-book in Copenhagen. June 9-15th was held in Danish National School of Performing Arts also intensive workshop about co-operative activities in dance and music. Students from Latvian Academy of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Ohio State University worked together all week with...
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“45+: Lifelong practice as a dancer” meeting in Pärnu April, 2019

The seventh meeting of the international network "45+: lifelong practice as a dancer" took place from 1 to 4 April 2019 in Pärnu. The focus of the meeting was on movement practices ("Somatic Body Work" - supervised by Tiina Ollesk; "Scaravelli Yoga Practice Principles" - supervised by Fiona Millword) and this time guest choreographers were...
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Project “45+: lifelong practice” in Hammerfest

Project "45+: lifelong practice" in Hammerfest. As a short commentary to begin: What is common in Scandinavian Airlines and in dance performances in Scandinavian region? Often in both of them people 45+ are active and present. In Baltics airline flight assistants and dancers are mostly in their early 20-ies. What an interesting thoughts it may give to...
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Performances at schools

Fine5 Dance Theatre is running also educational programs. Dance piece "Generation": 14.11.2018 Pärnu Koidula Gümaasium 4.12.2018 Rakvere Gümnaasium ...
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Dance education report – visit to Stockholm DOCH

Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik have been teaching at Tallinn University dance curricula for 20 years. In September 2018 they had support from ECA (European Communicative arts Network, led by David Yoken) to visit Stockholm University for Dance and Circus (DOCH, part of Stockholm Academy of Arts) with 6 dance students from TLU (3 MA...
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