„…and Red“ in Yekaterinburg

This performance is specially created for 6 dancers of „Provincial Dances“ and it happens in 6 scenes. The Estonian composer and musician Taavo Remmel got inspiration from the events that happened in 2006 near Moscow. Choreographers were inspired from his music and from the fact, those events that seem to be very far and distant from each other – can be actually very close and connected. Everything is connected, even if sometimes it is hard to notice the connection in reality. The „Red“ in that performance is symbolizing the ephemeral and untouchable substance. Music of Taavo Remmel titled „12.12. 2006“ is recorded from live improvisational performance in Tallinn. "Provintsalnõe Tantsõ" is most influential contemporary dance theatre in Russia working since 1990. Artistic director is well-known Tatiana Baganova. Theatre has won several times Russian Theatre Award "Golden Mask".
Performed by: Yekaterinburg contemporary dance theatre "Provintsalnõe Tantsõ"
Premier: 28.03.2013 Yekaterinburg, Russia
Choreographers: Tiina Ollesk and Rene Nõmmik (Fine5 Dance Theatre)
Music: Taavo Remmel
Costumes: Natalia Solomeina
Dancers: Anastassia Sokolova, Jekaterina Saveljeva, Tatjana Kisseljova, Olga Sevostjanova, Ksenja Mihhejeva, Roman Borodin
Light designer: Nina Indrikson
Project manager: Vladislav Bobrovits