Fine5 Dance Theatre in Sweden

From Sept 29 - Oct 5 2007, Fine5 Dance Theatre toured „Two trains” and „Landscaping in progress” in Göteborg, Sweden. The performances were held in a unique performing space „24 kvadrat”, special for its minimalist
use of space. The creators of the concept, Gun Lund and Lars Persson, call the theatre, where the performances are set on 24 square meters and are thus brought very close to the audience, “the smallest dancing stage in
Sweden”. Fine5 performed in Göteborg during four nights, as well as three times in „24 kvadrat de cloone" – a transferable clone theatre, which is an exact copy of the Göteborg hall, this time built in Dalsland.
The tour of Fine5 Dance Theatre took place in the frameworks of the Göteborg book fair – the biggest book fair in the Nordic countries. Each year, the literature and culture of one country, as well as the translations of the works of fiction in it’s language, are presented at the Göteborg book fair. This year, Estonia was the guest of honour, which gave the opportunity to present the Estonian unique cultural life and literature to the international audience of the fair. It was for the first time that Estonian contemporary dance was performed as part of the cultural program of the book fair. The producer of the project was Anu Tähemaa (Independent Association of Dance).