Before I leave, I will say 2011

"Before I leave, I will say“ is the performance for 9 dancers and the Place, where they have worked for a long time. In 2012 Fine5 Dance Theatre will celebrate its 20th anniversary and for 15 years we have had a little home studio in the Old City of Tallinn. Many of Fine 5 DT well-known performances and projects have been created there and lot of people who were interested in the art of dance took contemporary dance classes at Lai 9 for all these years. Now, on the year of „2011 - European Capital of Culture“ Tallinn City Council sold the house where studio has worked and the dancers have to leave. But before leaving they will perform a special farewell dance performance. It will be performed for only 15 people at the time and only 10 times altogether. There is a tradition to sit down in silence before saying "goodbye". But we will leave the place we love so much in another way. Look - this is very different story of 2011 -The year of culture capital. This is a story of a dance community on the Lai Street.
Performances: November 24-27 and December 7-11 at 19.00
Fine5 Studio: Lai 9, Tallinn
Dancers: Tiina Ollesk, Rene Nõmmik, Dmitri Kruus, Rain Saukas, Simo Kruusement, Helen Reitsnik, Eneli Raud, Laura Kvelstein, Gert Preegel.
Lighting: Airi Eras
Supporters: Tallinn Culture Department, Estonian Cultural Endowment, The Estonian National Culture Foundation.
Co-production: STÜ
NB! There are only 15 tickets (seats) for each performance. Price 10 .
Tickets available at Piletilevi.
Contact:, phone +3725042276.


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