MaleGame at Gallery-theatre

February 25-27 2010 was premiered at Iida-Gallery (Suur-Karja 2, Tallinn) piece MALEgame.

MALEgame is inspired by the Iida Gallery's current premiere exhibition of men's jewelry. The creators were particularly interested in the notion of how men adorn themselves; does the jewelry wear the man or does the man adorn the jewel? Further, how does jewelry both exemplify and oppose our ideas of masculine beauty? A man is made beautiful by opposites; masculine/feminine, strong/soft, powerful/graceful. The performance is en
exploration of the harmonies created by opposites. "Male" is the estonian word for the board game chess where white plays against black and one must be both strategic and perceptive to win the game.

Choreography: Tiina Ollesk, Rene Nõmmik
Performers: Helen Reitsnik, Eneli Raud, Rain Saukas, Silver Soorsk, Dmitri Kruus, Gert Preegel
Costumes: Kristina Viirpalu

Supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Tallinn City