“Trisolde” and “I was here” at Jekaterinburg International Dance Festival





Photos by Vadim Balakin and Gleb Mahnev

From November 23rd-27th 2019 took place the International Contemporary Dance Festival NA GRANI in Ekaterinburg, where Fine5 Dance Theater participated in two works: R. Nõmmik's production "TRISOLDE" and O. Zitluhina and an audio-kinesthetic installation "I WAS HERE".

In an interview to Russian TV channel "Accent" on November 29th, NA GRANI artistic director Larisa Barykina summarized the event and said that one of the biggest artistic events of the 2019 festival was the Estonian Dance Theater Fine5's production of TRISOLDE. Choreographic stage symbiosis, not a technical stunt in itself, but an artistic setting for two very lively and sensitive dancers (Tiina Ollesk and Simo Kruusement).

The Na GRANI International Contemporary Dance Festival took place for the ninth time. It is founded by the Ekaterinburg Music Theater and is sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Culture, Sverdlovsk Municipality, the City of Ekaterinburg and a grant from the Governor. According to experts, this festival is one of the three largest and most important Russian dance festivals, besides Open Look in St. Petersburg and D. Vishnov's Context in Moscow. NA GRANI this year's program was chosen by the festival's artistic director and curator, L. Barykina, from all the best dance theaters and choreographers of the moment in Russia and a selection of foreign guests. The festival featured full-length, shorter and more experimental productions as well as performative experiments taking place in different locations. This year the festival program included two Russian-French collaborative projects: "Arena" directed by D. Plassard's Kostroma Theater "Pantera", C. Breumachon's production "Wild Poppies" by J. Panfilov Theatre and "Dance Square" by Belgian choreographer J. Verbruggen for Moscow Ballet (using both the contemporary dance troupe as well as ballet dancers). In addition to performances, the festival also featured contemporary dance master classes, evening debates and discussions with critics, and others.


The Fine5 race was supported by the Estonian Culture in the World program of the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Interview with festival art director

Read Юлия Баталина, 05.12.2019 ИД «Компаньон» , Перейти грань"

Особое слово в этой теме сказал эстонский театр Fine 5 Dance — непременный участник всех фестивалей «На грани», что является особой гордостью арт-директора Ларисы Барыкиной. Спектакль Рене Ныммика Trisolda на музыку «Тристана и Изольды» Вагнера — о взаимодействии человека и музыки. Четверо зрителей наклеивают на пальцы датчики, и, в зависимости от того, какие эмоции испытывают эти зрители, музыка современного композитора Ханса-Гюнтера Бруно Эриха Лока, который подверг радикальной электронной обработке вагнеровскую партитуру, переходит в классическое вагнеровское звучание. «Чистый» Вагнер расцветает в финале (как остроумно заметила на обсуждении спектакля Лариса Барыкина, «Вагнера надо заслужить»), и это воспринимается зрителями как настоящий рассвет, как чистое сияние, тем более что на сцене в это время на фоне струящегося чёрно-белого видео застывает прекрасная хрупкая фигурка Тийны Оллеск — одного из руководителей театра и Изольды в этом спектакле, которую эксперты наперебой сравнивали с Пиной Бауш.