Memories – performance “Beautiful” in Gdansk

Dance performance "Beautiful" was performed in the frame of Estonian Culture Week in Gdansk on December 6th-9th, 2018. The Gdansk Shakespeare Theater hosted the Estonian Culture Week, introducing Estonian dramaturgy, film and music. Week was dedicated to Estonia 100 Celebration and held by Gdansk Shakespeare Theater in cooperation with the theater R.A.A.A.M. Shakespeare Theater is a very specific building build up by newest technology but based on old theater-architecture traditions from 17th theater.

Big thanks to all team of Shakespeare Theater and theater R.A.A.A.M. It was beautiful!

Photos from performance: Dawid Linkowski

Fine5 "Beautiful" premiered on November 21, 2016 at the Vaba Lava Theater. The piece has been shown in festivals in Russia, Lithuania, Armenia and Sweden.

Choreography: Tiina Ollesk ja Renee Nõmmik

Dancers: Tiina Ollesk, Olga Privis, Helen Reitsnik. Laura Kvelstein, Simo Kruusement ja Endro Roosimäe.

Music: Virko Veskoja, David Yoken ja Indian traditional music

Costumes: Liina Tepand

Info: Eesti kultuuri nädal Gdanskis

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