Fine5 Dance Theater participated in Jerusalem International Dance Week

The year 2019 ended for Fine 5 with a successful performance at the International Dance Week in Jerusalem. In addition, we were able to watch 6 performances at the festival and "perceive" the historic sites of Jerusalem.  Our travel was supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment and helped by the Estonian Embassy in Tel Aviv!


"Generations" is co-operation project with Israeli choreographers-directors Stav Marin and Neta Weiner and we are very proud for possibility to perform this play for Israeli audience. This night was very special for us! Thank you MASH Dance House for hosting "Generations".

Machol Shalem Dance House has been supporting and promoting the creation of original work for 17 years, creating a supportive platform for independent dance artists in Jerusalem. MASH was established with the aim of developing cultural activities in the field of contemporary, independent dance in Jerusalem and marking the capital as a professional, international, and cultural space. MASH views dance as a means of bridging the gaps within the city’s diverse population and as a source  of social action. MASH is the only dance center in Jerusalem and is one of the six dance centers officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. MASH is a non-profit organization supported by the Cultural Administration, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Foreign Ministry, and a number of foreign embassies. The center serves about 38 Jerusalem dance artists, seven religious and ultra-Orthodox dance groups, and thousands of arts patrons throughout the city.

Jerusalem International Dance Week 2019 is the 8th edition of the festival produced by MASH. The festival presents existing works and new international creations to audiences including dozens of world dance industry executives including managers of dance centers, festivals, and competitions worldwide. JIDW includes: An International Choreography Competition, The Jerusalem Dance Showcase, Pitching Event, Machol Shalem Festival, Creative Writing.