Science and art are crossing their ordinary limits

In the frames of „Estonia 100“ we are part of new and very interesting project, where science and art are crossing their ordinary limits and will co-operate together. Aleksander Väljamäe (Human Computer Interaction) is leading the research group of scientists and artists form Estonia, Russia, and Netherlands/Italy. Tiina Ollesk and Simo Kruusement (dancers- co-creators) and Renee Nõmmik (choreographer) from Fine5 DT are working with International team.  We experiment to get closer of how brain works while dancer moves and what are the traces of emotions in that interaction; also we are searching ways how to connect that scientific information with visual-, audio (sonic)- and movement-art mediums.

The borders between performers and audience are very bleary in contemporary theatre. New research -experiments in arts and neurosciences are creating new possibilities to learn that interaction, where audience will become a (co)creator of performance and strong emphatic connection between audience and performers will be created.

As a result of our research new performance „MULTIPLEXIA“ will be created. Team includes visual artist Jury Didevich (St Peterburg), neurocience scientists from  St Peterburg University, composer and musician Albero Novello From Italy(Netherlands. Project leader Kristel Laur (Estonia).

MULTIPLEXIA will premiere on Sept 14th 2017 at Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels (BEL).

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