Symposium Dance Across Borders2017 at Gothenburg

Fine5 dance theatre took part at Dance Across Borders (DAB) international dance symposium, held from August 19th until August 27th 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Estonian dance theatre participated at DAB with their latest work „Beautiful“, choreographers Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik, at 3:e Vaningen on August 21/22.

The first Dance Across Borders was held at the Dia Center for the Arts (now Joyce SoHo ) in New York City in 1995. Joan Duddy, the administrator of the dance program at Dia, and New York City choreographer Pat Cremins, joined Susan Osberg as U.S. founding members and Gun Lund from Sweden. Hosted by the participating United States companies, choreographers and dancers representing the U.S., Canada, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Holland, Estonia, India, China, and South America took part.

DAB has continued over the last twenty-two years. Symposium of different sizes and formats have taken place in New York (1995, Jan.) , Amsterdam (1996, June), Göteborg (1997, Aug), Polli Talu (2000, June), Göteborg (2001, Aug), Bordeaux/Nomandie/Paris (2006, Sept), New York (2007, June).

This alliance maintains an approach founded upon specific guidelines created in the original manifesto. “DAB is a cooperative structure for international exchange, based on mutual respect for the integrity of different artistic points of view. How many borders can we cross? As many as have been set by different cultures, traditions, national interests, and prejudices. Dance Across Borders is our movement to open minds.”

Fine5 has participated at five previous DAB meetings. In Gothenburg theatre shows their work “Beautiful”, based on positive, exciting and even funny real-life stories of company´s dancers.

DAB-2017 seminars took in focus "Artistic Freedom", "Isadora Duncan and freedom", "Dance as ritual, dance as performance", "Digital footstep" and workshop´s led by Iwona Olszowska, Fine5-i, Veera Suvalo-Grimberg, Galina Borissova. All choreographers had amazing possibility to work with site-specific choreography for moving camera at Burö island.

Participating choreographers of DAB2017: Galina Borissova (BGR), Mireille Feyzeau (F), Maud Karlsson (SE), Gun Lund (SE), Fine5 (EST), Bronja Novak Lindblad (SE), Iwona Olszowska (PL), Catlin Cobb (USA), Olof Persson (SE), John Scott (IRL), Veera Suvalo-Grimberg (SE), Amy Swanson (F).

Dancers and co-creators of Fine5: Tatjana Romanova, Olga Privis, Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Ollesk and Simo Kruusement.

DAB manifest

DAB manifest


Supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment