“Tempus fugit” opened Christmas at Tallinn Town Hall

On November 25-27, there was an opportunity to observe the light-theatre performance "Tempus fugit" (time flies) on the wall of Tallinn Town Hall. We reflected thoughts and feelings from the present time in 2022. For those who missed this performance, the recording of the production is located here. Authors: Tiina Ollesk, Renee Nõmmik, Olga Privis, Michelarcangela Radatti, Helen Reitsnik, Richard Beljohin, Argo Valdmaa, Antti Aalmaa, Ivo Lille. Organized by: Hopner Maja Anne Velt, Katrin Valkna, Taavi Veltman. The performance is a collaborative project between Fine5 Dance Theater and Pärnu Light Festival "ÖÖvalgel".