"Trisolde" is performed in this fall on October 14 at Kaja Cultural Center and on October 17th at Rakvere Theatre. Beginning of shows is 19.00. Next performances are coming at festivals in Russia, Sweden and Norway.

The production was born in innovative collaboration of contemporary dance, contemporary music and new technology.

Dance performance "Trisolde" is inspired by the music and characters of R.Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde", the world-class opera. The work deals with conflicting topics in relationship between a man and a woman, and touches the delicate line between love and hate.

The visual-technological symbiosis of the work takes place in lively interactive technology with the dancers. Each movement of the dancers affects the sound and video image of the performance. The audience also has the opportunity to participate in the sound design of the performance - a small group of viewers are connected to sensors, from which a computer program identifies their cognitive and emotional state when watching the performance. This data affects real-time audio. Therefore, each performance of the work is unique.

The production is collaboration between Fine5 Dance Theater, Tallinn University and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

"Trisolde" premiered on March 4, 2019 in Sakala 3 Theater House. The production has been performed at international dance festivals in Lithuania and Sweden and there are upcoming performances at contemporary dance festivals in Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Dancers: Tiina Ollesk, Simo Kruusement

Choreographer-director: Renee Nõmmik

Dramaturgy and science of biocybernetic symbiosis: Ilkka Kosunen, Aleksander Väljamäe

Composers for interactive audio media: Giovanni Albini, Hans-Gunter Lock

Video interaction: Valentin Siltsenko

Lights: Ants Kurist

Duration: 50 minutes