Copenhagen June 9-15, NORDPLUS ECA Network Meeting

NORDPLUS ECA Network celebrated 20 years activity with presentation of network e-book in Copenhagen. June 9-15th was held in Danish National School of Performing Arts also intensive workshop about co-operative activities in dance and music. Students from Latvian Academy of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Ohio State University worked together all week with Daniel Roberts, Kim Helweg, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Ann Sofie Clemmensen, David Yoken. They explored  choreomusicology and choreomusical practice, transposing of rhythmic structures to dance and music, minimalism and repetition in dance and music, composition collaboration in dance and music, Cage/Cunningham heritage.

It is very important to keep dance and music relationship alive as human touch. Because this knowledge is very easy to disappear - musician and dancer need practice together, to share together. Other-ways we jump into world of new technology, touching the screens and forget to listen-touch this space created together and it can happen that we exist parallel but in different universe.

Participators from Tallinn University were Katre Sabbal, Kärt Kurvits, Sandra Pōld, Nastasia Masalova, Tuuli Pruul, Tuuliki Villand and you can read feedback to workshop from their Raport.  Students visit was supported by “Explorations and Collaborations in the Arts / The ECA Network”  mobility grants.

Anastasija Masalova

Sandra Põld

Tuuli Pruul

Katre Sabbal 

Tuuliki Villand

Kart Kurvits Copenhagen