Estonian artists success in Belarus

November 23rd-28th 2010 took Fine5 DT part at IFMC (international festival of modern choreography) in Vitebsk with 3 performances: miniatures Slow Run and Rush (chor.Tiina Ollesk, performers Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Ollesk,
Külli Roosna, Dmitri Kruus, Simo Kruusement, Endro Roosimäe), "Points on the Line" (chor.Dmitri Kruus, performers Dmitri Kruus, Simo Kruusement, Endro Roosimäe) and solo-performance by Kylli Roosna "Circle Through". Slow Run and Rush was awarded with special prize for "high professional level masterpiece" and Kylli Roosna "Circle Through" won the I prize among category of one act ballet.
Festival presented 42 dance pieces from fourteen countries. Group of experts of dance theory was represented from Estonia by Heili Einasto (Tallinn University). At the festival was held also workshops and seminars program (one course lead also by Rene Nõmmik and Tiina Ollesk).
Project was supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture.
Photos by Vladimir Lupovskoi