Despite the summer being rainy and apples falling down the trees without getting ripe... Despite the bubonic plague being found in melting ice in Siberia... Despite huge crowds of people having lost their homes and migrating, and bombs exploding everywhere... Despite the Genie having escaped the bottle - the world is still a beautiful place.

“BEAUTIFUL” is about good things, happiness and beauty that lives within us.  Unforgettable situations in life, small miracles. No-one can take away our feelings and memories of these incredible and tender moments of happiness that everyone of us has experienced in life. This piece is about inner beauty that hopefully still saves the day….

There are places in the world where gods still seem to be alive, and other places where this feeling is lost.

Everybody seems to be happy in India. In Kanyakumari different races, religions, nations, ages gather to meet the sunrise  and they do it with applause- like in the theatre. Together they applaud to evergoing miracle of rebirth- the Light. I have witnessed it.

12.12.2017, Julia Batalina: "The authors of the ballet Tiina Olleskand Rene Nymmik interpret this trip as a way of escape from problems. In wondrous India, to the sounds of Oriental music, in the rays of multicolored light, problems are really solved easily and unobtrusively. Lost suitcases on the road (it happens!) - it does not matter. The dancers simply walk down the hall and ask the audience to share scarves and jackets. In this and dance, and then thankfully returned to the owners. Along the way, they are sharing memories of the Estonian summer, about how they were cleaning the hayloft from stale hay, and then having a picnic ... A talk genre in contemporary dance is also not prohibited.

In all this light, full of a sense of happiness and fullness of life, the spectacle is also pleased with the incredibly inventive, full of magnificent finds, a stylish dance language, a talented rethinking style of Bollywood films. However, with reference to Fine 5, even experienced ballet critics are speechless: I don’t want to discuss and dissect this miracle, I just want to enjoy it." Translated from ИД Компаньон

Choreography: Renee Nõmmik, Tiina Ollesk

Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Olga Privis, Tiina Ollesk, Tatjana Romanova, Simo Kruusement

Light designer: Airi Eras

Light technician: Ants Kurist

Costumes: Liina Tepand

Music: Virko Veskoja, Indian traditional music, David Yoken, Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola

Video and photos: Roman Pankratov

Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet

Producer: Fine5 Dance Theatre

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