Cooperation between choreographers from 7 countries – “Razdedauch”

The body is the zero point of the world, the place where paths and spaces cross.... It is the tiny utopian core at the centre of the world.“ (Michel Foucault)

Becoming present reveals the gained experience and history we all carry within us, with our interest for this performance being to illuminate that uniqueness and savour both our commonalities and differences within the process of creating. The particularity of the past two years has challenged, shaped and expanded our shared practice, becoming a catalyst for the interweaving themes of breath, physical proximity, and boundaries. Coming from different countries our meetings have been few and fleeting and have taken many different forms and constellations, yet, something meaningful always comes into existence when we are simply present in a moment with each other. Underscoring this project of mature dance artists from different backgrounds is the celebration of the notion that dance and dancing belongs to everyone – at every age.

The production „RAZDEDAUCH“ is done as a joint work of dance artists from 7 countries within the  Creative Europe supported project "BET - Body, Experience, Time through 45+ dancers". The project involves dance artists and dance institutions from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England and Estonia, and the leading partners of project are Fine5 Dance Theater from Estonia, the association PARTY from Latvia and Stellaris DansTeater from Norway.

What does the word RAZDEDAUCH mean? The name comes from a joke about a Gala performance many years ago. In this particular Gala one of the respected MCs was to introduce the next act of a ballet „Pas de deux“ – a short duet dance from one of the iconic classical ballets - but accidentally pronounced „Pas de deux“ as „Raz de dauch“. This joke delighted us as we resonated with the ‘creative interpretation’ that often happens in this multi-lingual project, and affirmed our interest in understanding more about dance, dancing and dancers within different cultures and societies.

Project is financed with the support of Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, also co-financed by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City Latvian Ministry of Culture, Tantsiteateri MD (Tampere, Finland), Nordic Culture Point, Hammerfest Commune, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Premiered in April 1st and 2nd at Sakala3 in Tallinn; performances in Riga June 21st and 22nd 2022; in Visaginas (Lithuania) August 3-5; Kirkenes (Norway) October 2-4, 2022.

Project was created in cooperation with Tallinn University BFM IKUMUMU and Choreography Curricula, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Estonian Academy of Arts sound-production course students:

sound and music by Hans Gunther Lock & Otto Iivari (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) Gerhard Lock & Ardo Richter (Tallinn University);

choreography assisted by MA-choreography students Sandra Põld, Aneta Varts, Kristiina Vilipõld, David Truusa, Birgit Orulaid, Marit Miller (Tallinn University).

Photos by: Julia Zitluhina (Latvia).

Lights by: Ants Kurist (Estonia).

About dancers of BET/performers in "RAZDEDAUCH":

Olga Zitluhina (Latvia) is a choreographer, dancer, director of the international contemporary dance festival “Time to dance”, professor of the Latvian Academy of Culture and director of the Bachelor's program “Contemporary dance art”, pedagogue at Riga Choreography School. Member of the Board of the Party Party, Member of the Latvian Dance Council. Actively teaches and participates in international workshops, dance camps, conferences and residences, organises creative residencies, is Founder and organiser of the international project “Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+”. She is a jury member of international dance competitions, including being the jury chairman of the contemporary dance festival Tochka (Omsk, Russia).

Ramona Galkina (Latvia) teaches dance and movement disciplines to dance and theatre students at the Latvian Academy of Culture since 2004.She has been a qualified as a certificated Feldenkrais Method ® practitioner (Feldenkrais International Training Program, Vienna) since 2004 and is actively taking part in various advanced trainings and workshops. As a dancer she has worked in a contemporary dance field since 1996 and was a member of Olga Zitluhina Dance Company (1996-2012). Recently as a dancer and choreographer Ramona is working on different projects at the field of dance and theatre. Since 2009 she is the executive director of the International Contemporary Dance Festival “Laiks dejot” in Riga, Latvia.

Vilnis Bīriņš (Latvia): My most significant experience in movement and dance is with the Ansis Rutental Movement Theater. I was lucky - at 19 I was accepted into this group led the genius artist Ansis Rutental. Looking for new ways to train the actor/dancer, he spent time researching the development of an authentic training method. Now I make performances and perform in other choreographers works. I also enjoy running classes and workshops. My field is the so-called "stage movement" method, that enables performers to find genuine impulses in body and "not to lie" on the stage. Workshops are intended for both dancers and actors.

Baiba Ozolina (Latvia) has been producer/manager of "Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+" since 2016. An experienced culture project manager with a Culture History, Theory and Management BA and Theory of Culture MA, she began organising cultural events and concerts as a freelancer before continuing with project management for Olga Zitluhina Dance Company and The Latvian Association of Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers. She has worked since the inception of association PARTY as a producer and manager - organising and producing dance events, performances, workshops and the annual International Dance Festival LAIKS DEJOT. She was the author and producer of the “Moved by Brand” project, the international Ibsen Scholarships 2013 winner.

Toby Gunn (Sweden) is a British dance artist but has had his permanent base in Sweden for many years. During his carrier as a dancer he has worked with an array of choreographers from across the globe since 1990, and feels that dancing for money is still great fun! He makes solo and collaborative work on a regular basis and has an occasional company, Toby Gunn Et Al. Toby has a long, and current experience of teaching both open professional classes and in full-time vocational institutions. He is committed to expanding the education contemporary dance artists.

Virpi Juntti (Finland) is a dancer and a dance wonderer/wanderer. For Virpi, the miracle on stage or the flow experience happens through teamwork, through collective thinking. ”I am a better person because of dance and the word “dance” includes the people that I have danced with, like the people in this lifelong dance practice project. I just follow the passion and the playfulness of others, and I am back in the joy and humour which are the most important for me in dance practice. There needs to be lightness and self-irony in it. 45+ participants have that. I am blessed and fortunate to be part of this project.

Oleg Ostanin (Finland) has been a professional dancer since 1988 and worked with the companies: Nord Star Dance Theater (Tallinn,Estonia); Fine5 Dance Theatre (Tallinn,Estonia); Historical Dance Theater Saltatores Revaliences (Tallinn, Estonia); National Opera "Estonia" (Tallinn, Estonia); Dance Theater Raatikko (Vantaa, Finland); Dance Theater ERI (Turku,Finland); Carnival Cruise Line (USA). Currently he teaches ballet classes to children in the sports clubs COCO Sport (Turku, Finland) and VG-62 (Naantali, Finland). He has always considered, and continues to consider, dance as his life's work.

Goda Laurinavičiūtė (Lithuania) started her educational and creative path at Kaunas Contemporary Dance Theater Aura 1989 - 2000. In 2004 she received Master's degree at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. In addition to dance roles she has always done pedagogical work: taught contemporary dance technique, contact improvisation, yoga in all professional dance or acting Lithuanian schools for dance and drama students as well as with dance lovers of all ages. Awarded the Prize of the Works of Professional Theater Artists "Golden Cross of the Stage" for the role created in 2016 in the performance "Towers of Melancholy" by choreographer A. Naginevičiūtė.

Solveig Leinan-Hermo (Norway) studied dance and pedagogy at The Norwegian Opera Ballet where she had her first professional dance job, later studying theatre, cultural subjects, choreography, dance techniques and management at college and university. Founding Stellaris DansTeater in 1980 formed the basis for professional dance activity in northern Norway, specifically the Barents Region/Northern Areas, and contributed to the growth of dance as an art form locally, nationally and internationally. She worked to establish both DanseFestival Barents and Dansearena nord in Hammerfest, and was a founding member of Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere (FnnD). In 2020 she celebrated 45 years as a dance artist and 40 years of Stellaris DansTeater.

Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway) is dance Artist born in Russia and based in Norway. Studied Choreography at Arkhangelsk College of Culture & Art, Russia. He has been instrumental in the area of arts management in Russia (Arkhangelsk) with the creation of TOUCH, an annual International Festival of Contemporary Dance featuring companies from Russia, Europe and the USA. He is especially known for his work as a solo artist. He has danced for several prestigious companies and choreographers throughout Europe. His current job is Samovarteateret, Kirkenes, Norway.

Fiona Millward (United Kingdom) has been a dancer, teacher and choreographer since 1985, enjoying the alchemy of collaboration that underpins these various roles. Committed to supporting others within their multi-faceted creative practices, whilst recognising the evolving nature of contemporary dance within a changing world, she Co-directed Independent Dance 1996-2018 and was awarded a National Fellowship for outstanding contribution to dance. She believes the mediums of movement and touch offer an invigorating and intrinsic understanding of the world around us, as well as the world within, and also works as a Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, Franklin Method™ Educator, Scaravelli Yoga Inspired teacher and Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach.

Tiina Ollesk (Estonia) is dancer, teacher, choreographer, organizer and producer, movement educator, one of the pioneers and well known artistst of independent dance scene in Estonia. She is a founder of Fine5 Dance Theater (1992), toured and performed in numerous internatonal festivals/contests/events in 18 coutries. Tiina is also lecturer of contemporary dance at Choreography Curricula at Tallinn University BFM. Tiina: „I like being connected to the world through movement because it always says something about life“.
Renee Nõmmik (Estonia) is choreographer, teacher, educator, researcher, organizer and dancer from Estonia, Tallinn. He i s also one of the pioneers and well known dance artistst of independent dance scene in Estonia. Together with Tiina Ollesk he is founder of Fine5 DT (1992), toured and performed with the company in numerous International dance festivals/contests/events in 18 countries. He also workes as teacher of dance composition at Tallinn University BFM Choreography Curricula. Renee: „Dance has been and is very valuable journey for me – to learn to see and understand Life through its essentials - through movement and moving. At any age. Love it.“