On May 25th ja 27th Anita Kurõljova and Richard Beljohin ” Yes or Yesn´t”

"Yes or Yesn't" is an internally reflective dance performance that focuses on compromises and feelings in human relationships. Compromises are important elements in both the narrative of the story and the process of building the production. The relationship between the two people and how to cope with each other in common processes, the relationship between speaking and listening, the balance between movement and non-movement, being and non-being, is studied. 

The play does not aim to provide answers, but rather ask questions such as: whether compromise is the middle ground, or just an arithmetic average, the brown line, or an agreement reached through mutual concession; whether it is worth setting yourself aside in favour of others, knowing that at least someone gets everything; whether it is possible to find compromises that satisfy all parties or will there always be a loser; is this a compromise for me if you lose; who is the winner or loser, etc. Who is to blame for a connection between two people that they have never felt before? Why do we have completely imperceptible feelings that neither of us can formulate or express enough?

May 25th 17.00 and May 27th 18.00 Sakala 3 Theatre-house, Vth floor studio

Tickets 16 eurot Fienta

Koreograafid ja tantsijad: Anita Kurõljova, Richard Beljohin

Helilooja ja muusikaline kujundus: Valentin Siltsenko

Dramaturg: Tõnis Veelmaa

Kunstnik: Kirill Safonov

Valgusmeister: Ants Kurist