Fine5 Dance Theatre performed „Bet” in Helsinki from Oct 28 – 30

After a long pause, Fine5 Dance Theatre performed again in Helsinki. The first time the dance theatre performed in Finland was in 1996, when STOAS’s pieces „Falling Leaves” (composer A. Pärt) and „1994” (composer J.Pachelbel) were staged in Helsinki. This time, the performances were held on the cozy stage of Klockrikettheatre in the heart of Helsinki for three nights (Oct 28-30), where Fine5 performed it’s piece “Bet” (dancers Irina Pähn, Tiina Ollesk, Mattias Siitan, Rain Saukas ja Dmitri Kruus). The lighting and sound designer of “Bet” is Juuso Voltti (Finland), choreography by Rene Nõmmik. The audience’s reaction to the subtleties of the piece and of the choreography and to the ironic-humorous atmosphere created by the dancers was lively, immediate and precise. The Finnish critic A. Räsanen expressed the desire to see this Estonian contemporary dance theatre in Finland more often in the newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat”. The performances held in Finland were organized by the Independent Association of Dance.

See A. Räsanen’s review of the performance in "Helsinkin Sanomat" (5th Nov 2007).

In the past, Fine5 Dance Theatre has also performed in Turku, Kokkola and Oulu.