Fine5 organized integration project „Let’s talk“

In November, 5 unusual joint performances took place in the frameworks of the project „Let’s talk“, with the popular TV show „Subboteja“ and Fine5 Dance Theater combining the documentary materials of the legendary TV
hosts Aleksander Zukerman and Mihhail Vladislavlev and extracts from Fine5’s popular dance production „Carmina Burana“. The performances were held in the Russian Theater and in the Russian Cultural Center, with a
surprise guest appearing each time at the end of the show – during the performances for a Russian audience, it was the popular TV host Boris Burda from Russia and during those for an Estonian audience, it were Jüri Kuuskemaa and David Vseviov. The pupils and students who visited the performances received a free entrance ticket to the KUMU museum. All performances were free of charge. The project was funded by the „Kodurahu“
integration project of Tallinn City Government.