Fine5 took part December 11th-15th 2013 Jekaterinburg Dance Festival „Na Grani“.

Fine5 was invited with two performances to contemporary dance festival „Na Grani“, held in Jekaterinburg from December 11th to December 15th 2013, in Russia. Fine5 performed "Before I Leave, I Say" and "Mandala".
"Before I Leave, I Say" was premiered end of 2011 before theatre left their home - Studio at Lai Street in Tallinn. The piece was nominated for best dance award in 2012. Dance performance „Mandala“ was created for 20th Anniversary of Fine5 as literally an kinesthetic meditation object, which focuses on the appearance and disappearance of meaning.
Festival presented pieces by golden foundation from Russian contemporary dance "Provincial Dances Theatre" (lead by Tatjana Baganova), "Olga Pona Dance Theatre", "Jevgeni Panfilov Ballet Theatre", Sergei Smirnov "Eccentric Ballet", as-well Loreta Judokaite from Lithuania and several co-opratin projects of local groups with choreographers from USA, Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland and Israel.
Fine5 was supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture.
Dancers: Tiina Ollesk, Külli Roosna, Laura Kvelstein, Helen Reitsnik, Dmitri Kruus, Simo Kruusement, Gert Preegel, Endro Roosimäe, Renee Nõmmik.
Lights: Ants Kurist (Teater N099)
Fine5 and Sochi Oympic Games Fire Ceremony crossed at Jekaterinburg Airport
"Rehearsal - My Love" Efros