"Trisolde" is performed in this fall on October 14 at Kaja Cultural Center and on October 17th at Rakvere Theatre. Beginning of shows is 19.00. Next performances are coming at festivals in Russia, Sweden and Norway. The production was born in innovative collaboration of contemporary dance, contemporary music and new technology. Dance performance "Trisolde" is inspired by...
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“Puudutada kuud” in Tallinn October 8th and 21st

Production "Puudutada kuud" is cooperation between Fine5 Dance Theatre and Rakvere Theatre. Now it will be shown twice at the Russian Theatre in Tallinn on October 8th and 21st. LAST PERFORMANCES will take place at Rakvere Theater on October 12 and November 16. Tickets for sale at both the Ticket World and the Ticket...
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45+ meeting in Hammerfest 2019

Five days in Hammerfest were spent studying body sensory and mechanics with philosophical texts. The motto of the meeting was the Sufi saying "Men ana. Ana huna", which questions where I am and answers that I am where I perceive myself to be. In addition to performative possibilities, dance is primarily about creating contact with...
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Copenhagen June 9-15, NORDPLUS ECA Network Meeting

NORDPLUS ECA Network celebrated 20 years activity with presentation of network e-book in Copenhagen. June 9-15th was held in Danish National School of Performing Arts also intensive workshop about co-operative activities in dance and music. Students from Latvian Academy of Culture, Lithuanian Academy of Theater and Music, Ohio State University worked together all week with...
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Movement research laboratory with Olga Zitluhina (Latvia).

During April 12-14th 2019 very interesting movement research session with renowned Latvian choreographer and leading figure of Latvian Academy of Culture Olga Zitluhina took place in Tallinn, Estonia. The aim of the meeting was to study methods, how to create contemporary choreography and how to develop movement ideas while creating dance performance as a whole....
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“45+: Lifelong practice as a dancer” meeting in Pärnu April, 2019

The seventh meeting of the international network "45+: lifelong practice as a dancer" took place from 1 to 4 April 2019 in Pärnu. The focus of the meeting was on movement practices ("Somatic Body Work" - supervised by Tiina Ollesk; "Scaravelli Yoga Practice Principles" - supervised by Fiona Millword) and this time guest choreographers were...
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