Performance “BET” in St.Peterburg

On November 9 2007, Fine5 Dance Theatre performed it's piece "Bet" in the small hall of St.Petersburg's Baltisky Dom. The performance took place in the frameworks of the cultural program of "Tallinn's days in St.Petersburg", which included the introduction of Estonian ethnography and jazz music, a gala concert dedicated to G.Ots, an
exhibition "Tallinn - Reval on engravings", and presented Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture 2011. In addition, Tallinn's health care workers and representatives of Tallinn's higher education establishments made up part of the delegation and had the chance to meet their colleagues at joint seminars. Fine5 Dance Theatre's preparations, performance and reception by the audience were monitored through camera by young local documentalists from "Kannon Dance" center. The aim of the documentary was to explore the differences in two distinct cultural spheres and its impact on creation, as well as the processes characteristic of the cooperation
of creative individuals on the basis of the dance theatre. In November 2008, St.Peterburg's days will take place in Tallinn, and in addition to other events, "Kannon Dance Company" is expected to come to perform in Tallinn.