ARM (in estonian many possibilities for translation of the word: the wound, love) is the production, where choreographer Simo Kruusement explores masculinity and femininity through modernized images based on tradition. The focus of the production is on the man and woman and their mutual relations, based on traditional understandings, but put into the contemporary context. Estonians are said to be characterized by hard work and a closed nature that has overshadowed feelings and their expression. Rather, there is a lack of sweet and sincere words to each other. How, then, should the proverb be treated; "Speaking is silver, silence is gold"? Man's femininity and woman's masculinity are our inner primordial self-images that have changed over time. How do we perceive this in ourselves and in society today? For the performance, a sound-performative ecosystem is created in the tension field of natural and artificial sounds, and the space is turned into an instrument for the composer, choreographer and dancers.

Choreographer - Simo Kruusement

Dancers - Eneli Rüütli, Argo Liik

Music - Gerhard Lock

Artist - Kalle Aasamäe

Lighting artist - Ants Kurist

Premiere 18.02.2021, performances 20.02, 22.02, 26.02 at 19.00 Sakala 3 Venue

Producer Fine5 Dance Theater

Supporters - Cultural Endowment, Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City. In cooperation with Tallinn University.

Tickets at Fienta

As a dancer at Fine5 Dance Theater, Simo Kruusement has participated in various productions since 2008 ("Carmina burana", "Phases-Remake", "..and Blue", "Well-tempted keyboard", "Gorgeous," I was here ", "Fragile Beauty", "FN", "Touch the Moon", etc.). In addition to contemporary dance, Simo is also interested in traditional dance and stage folk dance. The production of ARM is one of Simo's greatest works as an independent choreographer-director. The production is part of the master's thesis at the BFM curriculum of Tallinn University.

Gerhard Lock is a musicologist and composer interested in sound design and sound space, as well as the interdisciplinarity of different media. He is a lecturer in musicology and multimedia at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School. Designer Kalle Aasamäe has created collections of authors both in Estonia and abroad, participated in theater and film projects and teaches fashion at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University of Technology. Lighting designer Ants Kurist has been creating and implementing lighting solutions for various groups in Sakala 3 theater house for almost thirty years. Eneli Rüütli and Argo Liik have both graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in choreography. Eneli supervises groups in Tallinn (Uppsar) and Pärnu (Tuurit-Tuurit), and Argo has directed several Dance Factory dance-show programs and danced in many major musical projects in Estonia and abroad. Both dancers have previously participated in Fine5 Dance Theater productions.

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