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June 2021 Session in Jurmala

Time: May 30th-June5th 2021

Place: Jurmala, Latvia

Aim of session: research of movement ideas based on breath, improvisational site-specific activities in Ventspils outsight public spaces, outside workshop for local people (limited number of participants), performing activity on the windows of theatre.

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"Misa Criolla Danced" is a rehears-work about dance improvisation and dance composition by Anne Grete Eriksen from Oslo Academy of Arts. Explanation of the project framework: dancers choose which part of the mass "Misa Criolla"(composer Ariel Ramirez, created in 1964) they will dance to, then dance and videotape it. Please note that "Missa...

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The dance artists’ session explored boundaries and delimitation

The project "BET through 45+ dancers" working session in March 21-29 was dedicated to artistic research of the concept of borders and boundries in our current world. These are some of the inevitable key words of our times.  They have separated and fragmented us, while setting borders and boundaries in this forced situation,...

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White Elk – site-specific performance for beholder.

White elk is a mystical albino specimen that lives in the forests of the Nordic countries, but is rarely found. In the Fine5 Dance Theater production, the white elk, as a metaphorical symbol, signifies a conflicting plateau of an urbanized person and his inner nature / animal, which manifests itself in the confusion...

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Choreography for Public Space and 18 dancers AVA-ne-MINE (in translation "opening" OPEN-and-GO) has been specially designed for 18 students of the first year of the Tallinn University choreography curriculum and the public space of the Tallinn University Campus in May 2021. This activity is due to limitations, boundaries, doubts, opportunities and motivation to...

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Movement Research – Invocation, Fionas Pandemic Story

Invocation – Fionas Pandemic Story. Author Fiona Millward (UK)

Earth Song, by Frank Ticheli and sang by Voces8, first found me a few months ago. I was deeply moved by it and have since shared it many times with others. This is a short story of my experience during...

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ARM (in estonian many possibilities for translation of the word: the wound, love) is the production, where choreographer Simo Kruusement explores masculinity and femininity through modernized images based on tradition. The focus of the production is on the man and woman and their mutual relations, based on traditional understandings, but put into the...

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