Fine5 Summer Session 2023

On July 23-24 took place the first Fine5 summer dance session-residency for dance practitioners in Dirham, in which took part 16 people. The goal in the new environment was to sharpen the attention of all senses to what is happening in the body-space and time-space, to become aware of the involvement of the deep layers of the body in movement activities, to study the process of formation of choreographic movement material and its dependence on the environment. In addition, everything that belongs to quality time: healthy eating and intellectual activities, sauna and swimming, presentations of ideas and discussion groups.

We are planning the 2024 summer session as a 4-day residency on July 21-24, where we welcome adults with previous dance experience.

We thank the 2023 participants (dance, camera): Riina Ausma, Ajjar Ausma, Kärt Tõnisson, Jarmo Karing, Krista Köster, Marit Mihklepp, Merje Rääbis, Kairi Mänd, Liisa Hirsch, Tiinamai Keskpaik, Triinu Tikas, Martin Reinart, Kai Krashevski, Tiina Ollesk , Renee Nõmmik and the sunny Dirham Guest House and house fairy Kärt Karjatse for taking care.