Seminar of somatic bodywork „Dissolving Bodymind Borders”

Growing interest toward somatic studies has also influenced a lot on dance education. Additional training in mind-body techniques gives for a dancer more natural approach to movement. It is based on listening of the breath, touch, movement, changes in structures and trough that it offers new way of consciousness and body wisdom. Terminology „somatic“ was first used by Thomas Hanna already 30 years ago. Coming from Greek word „soma“means it „the body in its wholeness“: From June 30th until Jul 9th 2011 was held in Nice the seminar of somatic bodywork. It was organized by Annemari Autier and hosted by the Art Department of University of Nice. 26 participators explored during 10 days principles of Alexander technique (lead by Maret Mursa, Estonia), Feldenkrais ( Ramona Galkina, Latvia), Body Control Pilates (Danguole Venslavice, Lithuania), Gyrokinesis (Deborah Maceo, Denmark- Brazil), Exercises for Sensory Awareness (Kristen Hveding, Norway), Ballet body logic (Annemarie Autere, France) and Different layers of Fascia (Andree Raynaud, France). In the frame of the seminar was also performance evening by Fine5 Dance Theatre, dance piece „Four Views“ (choreography and performance Tiina Ollesk, Rene Nõmmik; director Maret Mursa).
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