White Elk – site-specific performance for beholder.

White elk is a mystical albino specimen that lives in the forests of the Nordic countries, but is rarely found. In the Fine5 Dance Theater production, the white elk, as a metaphorical symbol, signifies a conflicting plateau of an urbanized person and his inner nature / animal, which manifests itself in the confusion of the humanistic and animistic side, in escape attempts and in search of balance. The production and its live-electronic soundscape have been specially created for the courtyard of the KUMU Art Museum. If the dancers' activities are visible, the soundscape can only be heard in the headphones through the SilentDisco sound system (headphones available on site). The activities taking place in the courtyard of KUMU can be interpreted with the minds and hearts of the viewer, referring to the fragile relationship between man and the natural environment today.

Director: Renee Nõmmik

Choreographers and dancers: the choreography has been created in collaboration with dancers Tiina Ollesk, Olga Privis, Anita Kurõljova, Simo Kruusement and Richard Beljohin.

Sound artists: the soundscape is created in collaboration with Belgian-Spanish electronic music sound artist Erich Weiss, German-Estonian sound artists Hans Gunter Lock and Gerhard Lock through interactive sounds and live electronic solutions from the KUMU environment on site.

Artist: Kalle Aasamäe

Cooperation partner: KUMU Art Museum

Supported by: Kultuurkapital, Estonian Ministry of Culture

Premiere: 15.07.2021 Courtyard of KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn

Postimees 28.07.2021, Ilona Vapper and Heili Einasto https://kultuur.postimees.ee/7302539/valge-poder-sisemine-loom-urbaniseeruvas-maailmas