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Dancers answer why to be a dancer in any age.

It is self-evident that a young person loves to dance. The fact that being a dancer at an experienced age often makes the listener wonder. Because dancing needs strength, health, thought realization and a desire to be creative.

Here are interviews with dancers over the age of 50 from Estonia,...

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White Elk at KUMU Art Museum courtyard on September 19th 16.00

The last performance of the Autumn with production "White Elk" will take place on Sunday, 19.09 at 16.00. This is outdoor performance at KUMU courtyard and we hope there will be no heavy rain and we can offer the audience memorable event. Please dress warmly as in the courtyard there is quite windy....

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Performance “FN” at Zawirowania Festival

July 11th 2021 was performed at Zawirowania dance festival in Varssavi Fine5 performance „FN“. Festival is active from 2005 with aim to present different approaches through dance and many reputative companies have participated this event, like Kibbutz, Norrdans, Granhoj Dans, China Wawes and so on. Fine5 has been at Zawirowania also in 2009...

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The dance artists’ session explored boundaries and delimitation

The project "BET through 45+ dancers" working session in March 21-29 was dedicated to artistic research of the concept of borders and boundries in our current world. These are some of the inevitable key words of our times.  They have separated and fragmented us, while setting borders and boundaries in this forced situation,...

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Choreography for Public Space and 18 dancers AVA-ne-MINE (in translation "opening" OPEN-and-GO) has been specially designed for 18 students of the first year of the Tallinn University choreography curriculum and the public space of the Tallinn University Campus in May 2021. This activity is due to limitations, boundaries, doubts, opportunities and motivation to...

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