Fitness-opera “Telephone”

G.C. Menotti's short opera "Telephone" (aka love triangle) created and performed as part of the 2023 Tartu City Day is staged in an experimental way to humorously point out the world's dependence on smart devices and the desire for eternal physical well-being. In addition to the mentioned short opera, the 3rd piano concerto of the same composer has also been used for the music of the production, which together form a wonderful harmony. The work was actually written in the era of sending telegrams, in 1947, but it is still relevant today, because it is impossible to communicate with a person who is "glued" to the phone while actually being next to him.

Directors and choreographers: Renee Nõmmik and Tiina Ollesk

Performers: Maria Listra, Tamar Nugis, Piia Paemurru, Tiina Ollesk, Olga Privis, Simo Kruusement.

First performance: June 29, Tubina Hall of Tartu Eller music school.

Organizer: Reigo Tammo