Fine5 moved into new dance venue at Kumu art museum

A new dance performance venue in Kumu Art Museum is opening its dance program with Fine 5 Dance Theatre performance “BET (Panus)”

Febr 21th is a dance performance premiere in Estonian new Art Museum Kumu audiorium.
Kumu is multifunctional art museum with contemporary auditorium with 246 seats. Kumu auditorium has modern sound, video, cinema and lighting systems and a stage that easily adapts to different needs. The hall is ideal for art events, concerts, dance and theatre production, film screenings, science and business conferences.

Estonian contemporary dance group Fine 5 has set all its spring season performances to Kumu stage. Starting at February 21th with “Bet”, following with April 12,13th with “Two Trains” (chor. T.Ollesk and R.Nõmmik) and “24 hours” (chor. T.Kitty from Finland)  and in May 9, 13, 16th with “Just” (chor.M.Moles from Belgium).

Entrance to first performance “Bet” includes the ticket to Kumu Art Museum and exhibitions during February 2006.

Bet” (Panus): The work is about 5 dancers with very different backrounds. In performance the situation will happen to all five dancers, they share their own understanding about movement and body-experience, separately  and together.  “The body is still our main interest in dance” sayd Rene Nõmmik one choreographer of Bet.

Idea and choreography: Tiina Ollesk, Rene Nõmmik and all participants

Performance on Febr.21. at 18.00 at Kumu auditorium Tallinn, Valge 1/ Weizenbergi 34