“Fragile Beauty” – creative research for new creation, premier on August26th.

On June 18th was in Tallinn University presentation-overview of the work-in progress "FRAGILE BEAUTY"/"HABRAS ILU" by Tiina Ollesk, a scholarship holder of the Cultural Endowment.

"The source of inspiration for the work process was observing a body affected by parkinsonism: looking at my mother, how her mind worked, how she moved and functioned, I noticed something very eloquent in her different body use. There was something special and natural about her fragile being that inspired me as a choreographer. The research is related to the limitations and different opportunities created by both Parkinson's disease and life itself."

The initial plan was to work with people with parkinson's symptoms, but the covid period set physical boundaries and limitations between people, and now 4 professional dancers are involved in the production process. The work with this production material has been influenced by isolation and distance, which, in addition to the ideas discussed in the research, has provided an opportunity to listen more and move away from everything that is overshadowed by the fear of being able to handle yourself and fear of everyday bustle.

"Fragile beauty" - it is the journey of being and living in a fragile stage; the right to be in change.

Followed by: Renee Nõmmik (lecturer at choreography curriculum), Simo Kruusement (MA-student at choreography curriculum), Helen Reitsnik and Olga Privis (choreography curriculum alumni, Fine5 Dance Theater).

Premier August 26th at Sakala3 Theatre. Performances on August 27th, September 16th,20th,25th,29th at 19.00. Booking: info@fine5.ee.

Creative team: Tiina Ollesk (choreographer), Kristina Viirpalu (design, costumes), Valentin Siltsenko (music), Ants Kurist (lights), Helen Reitsnik, Olga Privis, Renee Nõmmik, Simo Kruusement (dancers).