The dance artists’ session explored boundaries and delimitation

The project "BET through 45+ dancers" working session in March 21-29 was dedicated to artistic research of the concept of borders and boundries in our current world. These are some of the inevitable key words of our times.  They have separated and fragmented us, while setting borders and boundaries in this forced situation, they have also given us protection. The boundary is not just a line between two units - it can also mean a spiritual separation from which it is either difficult or impossible to move; the boundary is between the body and the environment, in the capacity to inhale and exhale; the boundary is between coming and going, being or not being. But there are no boundaries between global and local thinking and behaviour - everything affects everything....

Key research words: Borders. Boundaries – Breathing – Being – Birthing – Boring...

“BET” – Body Experience Time through 45+dancers project envisions itself as co-operative network of European Scandinavian and Baltic countries dance institutions in partnership with local artists, cultural institutions, schools and universities, actively engaged in transnational artistic exploration and audience development within the dance theatre sector and circulation of artistic products, expertise and ideas.

Class Borders. Borders session March 2021 - Ramona Galkina, Vilnis Birins, Olga Zitluhina (Latvia).
On the Borders. Borders session March 2021 - Solveig Leinan-Hermo, Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway).
Lockdown Borders I - Fiona Bath Dance. Borders session March 2021. Fiona Millward (UK)
Lockdown Borders II - Fiona Cupboard. Borders session March 2021. Fiona Millward (UK)
Weather broadcast for March24. Borders session March 2021. Toby Gunn (Sweden).
Visual Borders. Borders session March 2021. Renee Nõmmik (Estonia) and Virpi Juntti (Finland).

Research into expressions of Lockdown and borders being closed. Looking for personal objectives and expressions within a collective of mature dancers. Performed at the Costal Walkway in New Plymouth. Taranaki Contemporary Dance Collective: Evgenia Plotkin Mikhailov, Marie Hermo Jensen, Rachel Masters and Vynessa Smith (New Zealand). Supported by Stellaris DanseTeater.

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