Sügishooaja uuslavastus käsitleb sünkroniseerimist ja sünkroonsust nii psühholoogilises plaanis kui ka koreograafilises mõtlemises.

„Lähemale. Veel lähemale“

Fine5 Tantsuteater: idee/lavastajad/koroegraafia Tiina Ollesk ja Renee Nõmmik koos kõigi tantsijatega
Muusika: Liisa Hirsch
Tantsijad: Maria Uppin- Sarv, Eliisa Sokk, Simo Kruusement (Eesti) ja 3 VivoCenter Tantsukeskuse noort tantsukunstnikku Roomast (Itaalia)

Kolmeks kuuks saavad  proovisaalis kokku kolm professionaalset tantsijat Itaaliast ja kolm Eestist, et  erialaste kogemuste...

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“Fine5 Invites”: Anton Ovchinnikov (UKR)

Next quest in the frame of "Fine5 Dance Theatre invites" is Ukrainian dancer-choreographer ANTON OVCHINNIKOV with his performance "BEAUTY OF THE BEAST" on May 22nd and 23rd 19.00 at Sakala 3 Theatre house.

Tickets here at FIENTA

Russian classical ballet is today one of the...

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On March 25, at 7:00 p.m., a performance evening from the series "Fine5 invites" will be held in Sakala 3 theater house. The evening's guest is Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet from Georgia. The evening will be introduced by Fine5 Dance Theater's short piece "QUARTETS" (choreographer Rosanna Gamson, USA), followed by the performance...

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“The Days Project” in Tallinn

The Days invites the audience to share an encounter with two exceptional Finnish dancer artists Maria Nurmela and Ville Oinonen. At their invite, English choreographer and designer Theo Clinkard has conceived a work that asks them to become co-authors through a practice that has to be written anew at every performance. The collaboration...

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Fitness-opera “Telephone”

G.C. Menotti's short opera "Telephone" (aka love triangle) created and performed as part of the 2023 Tartu City Day is staged in an experimental way to humorously point out the world's dependence on smart devices and the desire for eternal physical well-being. In addition to the mentioned short opera, the 3rd piano concerto...

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Fine5 Summer Session 2023

On July 23-24 took place the first Fine5 summer dance session-residency for dance practitioners in Dirham, in which took part 16 people. The goal in the new environment was to sharpen the attention of all senses to what is happening in the body-space and time-space, to become aware of the involvement of the...

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