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Performance “BET” in St.Peterburg

On November 9 2007, Fine5 Dance Theatre performed it's piece "Bet" in the small hall of St.Petersburg's Baltisky Dom. The performance took place in the frameworks of the cultural program of "Tallinn's days in St.Petersburg", which included the introduction of Estonian ethnography and jazz music, a gala concert dedicated to G.Ots, an exhibition "Tallinn - Reval...
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Fine5 Dance Theatre’s productions in IFMC’s Golden Fund in Vitebsk.

This year, the IFMC (International Festival of Modern Choreography) was held already for the 20th time in Vitebsk. The contest-festival of contemporary choreography, which was called „White Dog” in 1987, was renamed IFMC in 1992 and has become the star event of the development of contemporary choreography of the countries of the former Soviet Union,...
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Karin Jameson’s workshop at Fine5

From October 1-6 2007, the master classes of Karin Munters Jameson, lecturer at the University College of Dance in Stockholm, were held in Fine5 Dance School, both to professional and amateur dancers. Miss Jameson taught the Klein Technique, which concentrates on movements based on weight, gravity, space and bone structure. The technique examines the origin...
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Fine5 Dance Theatre in Sweden

From Sept 29 - Oct 5 2007, Fine5 Dance Theatre toured „Two trains” and „Landscaping in progress” in Göteborg, Sweden. The performances were held in a unique performing space „24 kvadrat”, special for its minimalist use of space. The creators of the concept, Gun Lund and Lars Persson, call the theatre, where the performances are set...
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Fine5 Dance Theatre participated in the DAB symposium in New York.

From May 29 to June 16 2007, a 3-week intensive dance course and international symposium Dance Across Borders (DAB) was held in Bard College, New York, with choreographers and dancers from 13 different countries participating. The topic of the symposium was “The Body Politic”. The event was organized by an international association of dance artists, brought to life in...
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Fine5 Dance Theatre performed „Bet” in Helsinki from Oct 28 – 30

After a long pause, Fine5 Dance Theatre performed again in Helsinki. The first time the dance theatre performed in Finland was in 1996, when STOAS’s pieces „Falling Leaves” (composer A. Pärt) and „1994” (composer J.Pachelbel) were staged in Helsinki. This time, the performances were held on the cozy stage of Klockrikettheatre in the heart...
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Carolyn Carlson first time in Estonia

Carolyn Carlson was born in California to parents of Finnish origin. She studied dance at the San Francisco School of Ballet and at the University of Utah, where she met Alwin Nikolaïs in 1965. She became the leading figure at the forefront of her company in New York during 7 years. She then travelled the...
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Fine5 moved into new dance venue at Kumu art museum

A new dance performance venue in Kumu Art Museum is opening its dance program with Fine 5 Dance Theatre performance “BET (Panus)” 09.02.2006 Febr 21th is a dance performance premiere in Estonian new Art Museum Kumu audiorium. Kumu is multifunctional art museum with contemporary auditorium with 246 seats. Kumu auditorium has modern sound, video, cinema and lighting systems...
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24 hours

24 hours is Tommi Kittis second production to Fine5 Dance Theatre. Tommi Kitti is one of Finlands unconventional persons in contemporarary dance. In a 30-year career as an choreographer and dancers he has developed his own vocabulary of movements. This way of moving is not a development of any other traditional dance technique, it does...
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A bit before tomorrow

Choreographer: Tommi Kitti (Finland) Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Ollesk, Dmitri Kruus, René Nõmmik A movement quality for 4 dancers in silence.   “”A Bit Before Tomorrow” by Finnish choreographer Tommi Kitti shines as a diamond in Fine 5-s respectful repertory.”  “ It is a pure form that can be seen in hundreds of different ways – the best proof...
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